iPhone 3G, iOS 4, and you — what’s missing (spoiler: multitasking)

1816826276 iphone 3g ios4 rm eng iPhone 3G, iOS 4, and you    whats missing (spoiler: multitasking)

While iOS 4 is delivering on every promise for the iPhone 3GS users out there, as we were all told up front, the iPhone 3G would be missing some of those touted new features. Granted, we knew such disparities would exist but were never given the finer details. Now that the final build is percolating through the internet, we decided to take a look at what features are and aren’t working on the earlier year’s model.

What’s there

  • Folders
  • Threaded mail
  • iTunes playlist creation / editing
  • 5x digital zoom: just tap on the display near the capture button, but be warned, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture
  • iBooks: we were having issues with the