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  • HTC One V Comes to Virgin Mobile USA

    WARREN, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In the latest demonstration of its “Higher Calling” commitment to customers, Virgin Mobile USA is offering the HTC One™ V, a powerful all-around media monster to help customers stay...

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  • Ignite Technologies iPad App Now Available on App Store

    FRISCO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ignite Technologies, Inc., the leader in providing secure and scalable Enterprise Content Delivery Solutions enabling customers to efficiently publish, deliver and manage digital assets, today announced the launch ...

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  • Mufin Launches New Version of Music Player for Android, Pushing Music Visualisation Apps to Next Level

    BERLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The new mufin player is unique in its class and offers an incomparably interactive platform for music lovers to enjoy their tracks on Android devices. After analyzing the songs, mufin...

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  • Pioneer’s Unique Apps for New Home Theater Receivers Give Consumers More Ways to Entertain Using iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    LONG BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today announced Air Jam and iControlAV2, two new apps that turn iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 4.2 into sources for entertainment and...

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  • mufin launches a new music player with online music streaming specifically designed for the new Android system

    BERLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–This brand new version of mufin player’s app for Android makes it possible to stream music directly from the cloud onto your mobile phone or tablet and lets you rediscover...

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  • Apple Unveils New iPod shuffle

    SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apple® today announced the new redesigned iPod shuffle® which features both clickable “ring” buttons and Apple’s innovative VoiceOver technology, enabling users to easily navigate their music and playlists ...

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  • Sonos announces iPad app

    Sonos announces iPad app

    I've always had a soft spot in my necrotic heart for Sonos. In the face if iPods, Zunes, mobile phones, and everything else, they've kept pumping out great, compact products for folks with big houses. They've never pretended to be too high-class for the rest of us yet you basically use their products to create soundscapes, just like Disney World, Vegas, and the haunted house I made in my basement as a kid. Sonos just announced their iPad app - probably available in August - that allows you to control your Sonos system on the iPad's bright screen. The app allows you to browse your iTunes and Sonos collection, pick radio streams, and even set different rooms with different playlists. When I tested the Sonos kit I used to like to make my bathroom, for instance, the Drum'n'Bass room to ease evacuation. Video after the jump.

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  • doubleTwist Launches A Slick Media Player For Android Devices

    doubleTwist Launches A Slick Media Player For Android Devices

    doubleTwist, the 'iTunes for Android' software that lets you sync your media files with dozens of devices, including Android phones, is one step closer to being a full-fledged solution for media sync on Android. The company has released a native Android application, available on Android Market for free, which offers users a polished media player capable of playing both audio and video. Android is notorious for coming with a clunky default media player, and doubleTwist easily bests it, sporting a much cleaner interface, the ability to import iTunes playlists, and support for audio/video podcasts. That said, there are already plenty of third party solutions that also beat the stock Android player. So what makes doubleTwist different?

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  • Kin Media Sync for Mac now available… for free!

    Kin Media Sync for Mac now available… for free!

    Now I know that all you gen-Y'ers out there are all like "Windows? WTF! Mac FTW!" while you text on your Kins. Yes, that's right: you love Mac, so you bought a Kin. And no doubt you agree that the only universally-liked feature one of the best features on the Kin was the included syncing software, "The Studio". So, when you got home and plugged your Kin into your Mac, I bet you were disappointed to find out that there was no simple way to get all those treasured party shots in iPhoto onto your shiny new toy. Well, strap on your best diaper, bud, coz I'm about to drop some news that will blow more than your mind...

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  • Kin Media Sync for Mac syncs Kin media with Mac

    Kin Media Sync for Mac syncs Kin media with Mac

    Sync music, sync photos, sync too much money into a mediocre phone. Now that we've gotten the amateur comedy hour out of the way, it's time to bring you the news that Kins and Macs will henceforth play very nicely together thanks to the just released Media Sync software from Mark/Space. Chosen by Microsoft as the exclusive provider of Mac syncing capabilities for Kin, the company is offering iTunes and iPhoto integration, whereby you'll able to transfer playlists and image albums both to and from your Kin device, as well as a neat transcoding feature to make videos playable on it. The software's free and can be found at the source link below, while the press announcement awaits after the break.

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  • Apple Patents The Invisible Button

    Apple Patents The Invisible Button

    One of Apple's famous minimalist design principles is to get rid of buttons whenever possible. With touchscreen devices like the iPhone and iPad, almost all of the buttons appear when needed on the screen. But what about Macbooks with aluminum casings? A new patent application titled "Disappearing Button or Slider" shows that Apple is at least thinking about how to bring elements of touch computing to all devices by replacing buttons and other controls with capacitive controls which appear only when needed. The patent describes a way to create backlit micro-perforated holes on the aluminum casing of a MacBook or other device which could be used for buttons on the lid when the laptop is closed or below the keyboard when it is open. The buttons could serve as simple displays for WiFi signal or battery strength, control playlists and volume for iTunes songs or movies, or even replace the trackpad.

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  • Review: EasyPlay makes your iPhone/iPod Touch slightly less dangerous to use while driving

    Review: EasyPlay makes your iPhone/iPod Touch slightly less dangerous to use while driving

    So there you are, cruising down the road in your new Honda Civic. The sun’s beating down on the arm you’ve got casually hanging out the window, the wind riding up your sleeve. Then that damn song starts blasting out of your iPhone again — you know, the one that you’ve heard 53 times on [...]

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  • Recap: iPhone OS 3.1 goodies

    Recap: iPhone OS 3.1 goodies

    As if it wasn’t enough to introduce the sickest mini MP3 player/Video camera/Radio ever and a gorgeous new version of iTunes, Steve Jobs had to throw in an iPhone OS update for good measure. For those of you who missed our live feed, here’s an overview of what the iPhone OS 3.1 update contained: Genius Recommendations [...]

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  • BlackBerry Desktop Software for OS X coming in September (!!!!!)

    BlackBerry Desktop Software for OS X coming in September (!!!!!)

    RIM has been blasted for years about not have a native OS X BlackBerry application but that should stop in September when BlackBerry Desktop Software will be released. The program will do just about everything BlackBerry addicts expect with syncing of iTunes playlists, calenders, contacts, notes, tasks, along with adding and removing software. Plus, the [...]

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  • Sync Your Palm Pre with iTunes. Again

    Sync Your Palm Pre with iTunes. Again

    Whether you agree that Apple was justified in kicking Palm’s Pre out of its iTunes party doesn’t matter. Whether the Pre was in the kitchen chugging back tequila shots, or whether it was engaging in polite conversation with the host’s wife in the drawing room, the result is the same. It was a huge pain [...]

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